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Unnatural Links Example Case #10

Our main site has been hit with a manual penalty for unnatural links that I've been trying to get revoked, but after determining which links were problematic and removing most of them, Google is still saying that they see links to our site that violate quality guidelines.

As a result, our rankings and traffic continue to fall as I continue to try and fix this issue. I lost all my traffic for single word keywords and two-word keywords.

I followed the steps Google recommends and after removing all backlinks, I utilized the disavow tool to disavow all domains with any links we could not get removed. My feeling is that the disavow tool isn't working since after submitting for reconsideration, I'm still getting the same message from Google

My question is, after following the recommended process, how is it possible that our website still violates Google's quality guidelines as it pertains to unnatural links and link schemes? More importantly, what should I do next to fix this problem? Is it possible that using the disavow tool doesn't take effect immediately, but rather takes time to work? How PBG Would Handle This Problem