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Unnatural Links Example Case #6

My ten year old website was hit with a manual penalty for unnatural links. As a result, I've lost two-thirds of my traffic and revenue. I do not understand why this happened. The site offers quality content and useful information for visitors about government grants, contracting, proposal development, small business, and international development. The content is original. It was written by me.

Important pages of my site have always come up on the first and second pages of the search results for the last 8 years or so. When I noticed that traffic dropped, I checked webmaster tools and found the manual penalty. I cannot understand why, just because our content is so good and people want to naturally link to us, we should get penalized. We do not use link farms or black hat SEO techniques for building backlinks, so I'm totally confused.

Our backlinks look good. They are high quality links pointing to many internal pages of my site. These include links from universities, reputable foundations and non-profit organizations, the United States House of Representatives, state government sites, public libraries, university libraries, professional journals, and many legitimate firms and individuals.

I believe my site was penalized for some strange reason and have no idea why. How PBG Would Handle This Problem