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Unnatural Links Example Case #7

I have an unnatural links penalty. The message I've gotten in Webmaster Tools says Google is ignoring these links instead of penalizing my site. So why then is everyone saying you have to go through the process of requesting sites to remove these links because they are unnatural? Am I misunderstanding the Webmaster message?

I really don't get it! If there's no penalty and if Google is already ignoring these links, why is Google's recommendation to get the links removed or disavowed? This thing about "unnatural links" just doesn't make sense. Since Google is thorough enough to find these links to begin with, why not just discount them instead of compelling website owners to go through some silly, extraordinarily time-consuming process of reviewing the links, determining their worth, attempting to have them removed, disavowing them which basically tells Google to ignore them, and then finally submitting a request for reconsideration, an entire process which ultimately has to be repeated because it almost never works the first time around.

Am I missing something? How PBG Would Handle This Problem