Unnatural Links Example Case #1

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Unnatural Links Example Case #1

I had been using an SEO company that did not do a great job building back links. My website was ultimately hit with a Google unnatural links penalty. The two reconsideration requests they submitted to Google on my behalf were declined. Out of approximately 4,500 back links, 350 were removed and about 500 were disavowed. I still have many unnatural links. Needless to say, I am no longer using this company.

Since it's going to be very difficult to get these links removed, I'm wondering if I disavow the rest of the bad links, as many of 2,500 of them, will I be able to ask Google for reconsideration. I've read somewhere that Google doesn't like it when you use the disavow tool too often. If this is not the proper way to do this, what is the correct approach to get rid of this penalty?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you. How PBG Would Handle This Problem