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Unnatural Links Example Case #4

I have a few questions and I'm hoping someone can help me. I have posted questions previously but have never been able to get to the root of the problem. Can a single page from my website get penalized by Google? If so, what would cause such a penalty, how would I know if I have this penalty and how does one go about correcting such a penalty?

You probably guessed that I'm concerned I already have this penalty. I have been able to achieve first page results for most of the keywords I target. If I'm not on the first page, then I'm pretty close to it. Yet, for one specific keyword, I'm ranking on the bottom of page 4 in Google, but in Yahoo I'm #3 and in MSN I'm #2. Except for the first couple of sites ranking on page 1 in Google, I feel my site deserves to be ranked a lot higher, especially because several of the pages listed ahead of mine have no relevancy to the topic. I feel I've been penalized and would like to know why. Any help would be appreciated. How PBG Would Handle This Problem