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Unnatural Links Example Case #8

About 6 months ago we received a message from the Google Webspam Team about unnatural links they discovered targeting our website. Since that time, we have made a massive effort to remove these unnatural links in our link profile, followed by submitting reconsideration requests to Google. Each time our reconsideration request was denied because they say they still see the problematic links which are in violation of their guidelines. So we continue to repeat the process of removing links but our concern is that we'll be left without any links to maintain our rankings.

We're at a point where we do not know what our next move should be. Do we stop the process of removing links and requesting reconsideration? Do we resume building safe links and stop worrying about removing the penalty?

We need to get our rankings restored. We don't want to spend any more time and money continuing with link removal and reconsideration requests that don't seem to work.

If anyone can help us, we'd really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. How PBG Would Handle This Problem