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Penguin Example Case #3

We could use some help with a question about our website. The site has been live for more than 7 years and for most of the time we were ranked right at the top of page 1 and page 2 in the SERPs for our main keywords. Then, sometime in 2009 our rankings tumbled, which had to be a Penguin penalty�.a very big Penguin penalty.

I did a lot of different things to try to correct the problem, most of them were aimed at getting better, higher quality backlinks using a variety of different options to do so�e.g. press releases, some blogs, and a few from links that we requested on industry related sites. But as we soon found out, none of these things helped and in fact I think some of them hurt, especially the press releases and blogs because we didn't use any no-follow links for any of them, which now I understand is the way to go with blogs and PRs.

I finally bit the bullet and went through our entire backlink list and sorted them all out, which took forever. After doing everything I was supposed to do with the crappy links (email domain owners asking them to remove links etc�using Disavow tool for links that I couldn't do anything about etc�) I had hoped that my rankings would start to improve. Stupid me�..Nothing, in fact, our rankings fell even further for some keywords.

Now there's not even any way to send in a reconsideration request because our site doesn't have a manual penalty, but it must have a Penguin algo penalty. Wondering if I should go through the whole process again and try to get more links removed and update the domains and links submitted in our Disavow? How PBG Would Handle This Problem