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Penguin Example Case #7

I have a very simple website with just a few pages of high quality content, at least I'm pretty sure that it is all good content. I never used any SEO company to boost my rankings, though I did quite a bit of research on my own to learn a bit more about SEO and what I could do in the design of the site the help move it up the Google ladder.

My site was PR4 and even my inner pages had pretty decent PR. Fast forward a few months and PR on the home page is PR0, none of my inner pages are indexed and I'm way back in the SERP's for most of the keywords people would use to find me.

The only thing I can think of that could've caused this is some new back links that I have acquired from a niche blog that I write for from time to time. Even though I see no reason why this would be the case. The blog is a good, quality publication and it also has good PR?

Having said that, I still think that the only reason for tanking in the rankings has to be because of a Penguin penalty; there's nothing else that it could be. I have no manual penalty message in my webmaster so it's not that.

Any insights would be appreciated? How PBG Would Handle This Problem