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Penguin Example Case #1

I have owned and operated this website for five year and I was never hit with a Google penalty´┐Żuntil now. I know that the Google Penguin is an update to the search engine algorithm and is on the lookout for domains with bad links. I don't think we have poor quality links but I just can't figure any other reason why we have dropped off so much in the SERP's.

My domain has less than 15 pages and I haven't made any real changes to the content in at least 3 years. There are no penalty messages in my webmaster but I know that you don't get a heads-up from Google when you get penalized by the algorithm. There are about 350 new links that were created over the last 2 years but most of them are customer reviews and all, or most of them are nofollow links.

I don't think our backlinks are the problem but there's nothing else it can be. The problem is that I don't want to use the Disavow tool to get Google to overlook them because then my rankings will really tank because I think these are good links.

Is there any way to know exactly which links I should disavow and which to leave? It's all just guesswork other than links that are obviously bad, which I really don't see. We have no SEO company nor have we ever done any link building etc. How PBG Would Handle This Problem