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Penguin Example Case #9

Greetings fellow Penguin haters; and to think I used to think that stupid bird actually had a lot to like´┐Żnot anymore. My domain got hit by Google Penguin back in 2012, at least from what I could tell based on our traffic and other analytics. ,

Since that time, you name it and I've tried it. First started by using every online tool and software there is to check every link to our domain as well as a complete review of all of the anchor text used in these links. And, after doing so I found some definite problems, including too many keywords that were the same in all or most of the links.

I changed as much of the anchor text as possible through whatever means possible, some of which was in my control, and I think we have a much better, Google friendly keyword density profile. I also got a lot of the really bad links removed or disavowed using the Google tool. How PBG Would Handle This Problem