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Penguin Example Case #4

It wasn't all that long ago that our website was ranking at the top of Google for all the keywords that matter to us. We had a good amount of real traffic´┐Ż.no BS visitors lured-in by nonsense or deceptive content or links. All backlinks are high quality from good media outlets and other websites that pick-up our content, which is all original.

The only change I've made to the site is a few modifications to the landing page, updating it with better navigation to old articles and other such stuff, which shouldn't have anything to do with my rankings, in fact, it should help right?

Well, it didn't, or at least I don't think it did. Right around the same time that Penguin 2.5 was released the site tanked for the same keywords that had us up at the top of the SERP's before this algo update. I don't get it because I can't find any links that should've created a penalty for us, AND, updating the design of the site should not have been an issue either.

I'm no expert on SEO or web marketing so maybe I'm not seeing something in the back links that an expert would pick up on. I'm also concerned that if I do hire someone to review my links, they will screw up the high quality links that I have gained over the years, which will only make matters worse.

I need help to get my position back in the Google search results? ?What should I do? How PBG Would Handle This Problem