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Penalty Removal Services:
Manual Actions and Businesses Algorithmically Impacted

PenaltyBeGone gets Google penalties removed from your website AND restores your website's rankings. As simple as it sounds? No, but we get it done - and have done so a few hundred times.

To get the job done quickly, carefully and cost effectively you need penalty removal specialists - You need the penalty removal team at PenaltyBeGone. Our tested, proven penalty removal service is the best option available anywhere to combat any Google penalty because we already have! Successfully!

Types of Penalties:

The First Step to Penalty Removal and Recovery: Understand Your Google Penalty

You can't fix what you don't understand....AND... Even the most tech savvy website owners find Google penalties to be complex, vague and dare we say almost deliberately confusing.

Manual Actions vs. Google Algorithm Update - this is by far the most important distinction you need to wrap your brain around when it comes to understanding Google penalties.

Why? Because Google manual actions and Google algorithm updates are NOT two different types of penalties. They are merely descriptions of the methods that Google uses to identify and then take action against non-compliant websites.

A manual action is a Google policeman giving your website a ticket for going through a red light:  Someone on the Google search team has pulled your website over, has penalized it, and has posted a message with the details of your infraction in your Webmaster tools. Not great news, but at least you know what you're up against. On the positive side, once we put your website through our penalty removal process we can submit a reconsideration request to Google asking that they review our actions and revoke their penalty. Google will respond to these requests so you will always know where you stand insofar as our progress in getting your manual action removed.

A penalty from an algorithm update is being caught by a Google red light camera:   Except you won't see a ticket from Google in your webmaster tools. You've heard of Panda, Penguin and most recently the Hummingbird? These are euphemistic names for Google algorithm updates. They are programmed to automatically and systematically penalize websites that are non-compliant with Google quality guidelines. Unlike a manual action, you'll only know that you've been penalized due to an algorithm update after your rankings drop off a cliff, and even then its only speculation. And unlike a manual penalty, you don't have an opportunity to submit a reconsideration request to get the penalty removed. If your website has an algorithm penalty, you have to wait until Google runs the algorithm again before you know if your site is back in compliance with their quality guidelines.

Once you understand a bit more about Google penalties your next step should be to contact PenaltyBeGone and let us help you out of your Google mess.