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Panda Example Case #2

My website just got crushed in the Google SERP's recently and our traffic is getting killed too. We are down by more than 40% in unique visitors to the site. There is no manual action against us, at least nothing I can see from the messages in my Webmaster, so I'm completely baffled about what happened.

One of my competitors, who is also a friend, says it must be a Google Panda penalty. We took a look at the backlinks in my webmaster and neither one of us could find any that would be a problem with google quality guidelines. Our only conclusion was that some of the content on my inner pages isn't that great?

I publish most of my own content but every now and then I will post other information that I find online that is related to the service my company is involved with. Is this a matter of not properly attributing this info or do I need to get rid of it entirely, and if I do, will this get rid of my Panda penalty´┐Ż..assuming that's the problem in the first place? How PBG Would Handle This Problem