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Panda Example Case #1

Over the course of the last 3 -4 months one of the main websites I use to market our product(s) has fluctuated pretty dramatically in Google. The site goes from the middle of page 1 for one of my main keywords to page 3 a week later for the same keyword. The same happens for a few other keywords too. Needless to say that site traffic also dips by 25% - 35% when we drop off of page 1 .

I'm at a loss to figure out what is happening and why this site is jumping all over the place. I have not received any notices in my Webmaster about any manual penalty against this site so I have to believe that there might be an algorithm penalty causing the problem. If so, it has to be a Panda penalty because while I don't think any of our content is spammy or jammed with keywords etc. we do use some content from the company that manufacturers that products I sell on this site.

If this is the case I think it's total BS because how or why should we have to rewrite product information that is already written by experts on the product in the first place? How PBG Would Handle This Problem