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Panda Example Case #9

It wasn't long after the last Panda update that I saw a big impact on our site. The SERPs for most of our main keywords are dismal to say the least.

There's no way to bring this up with Google either because we can't file a reconsideration request and other than speculate what could be the problem is on blogs like this one not having any recourse is maddening to say the least´┐Ż.especially because there is nothing wrong with the content on our site!

Our traffic is down because our customers can't find us and if our customers can't find us our business goes into the tank. I wonder if Google ever considers this and what the fallout can be from mistakes they make when Panda penalizes a legitimate and compliant website. They should at least have some kind of process to appeal, which used to be the reconsideration request but now even that doesn't exist unless you have a manual penalty.

Other than shutting down and starting over, what? How PBG Would Handle This Problem