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Panda Example Case #5

Are the Google SERPs simply a matter of math, meaning that if you have more G+s than G-'s Google likes you better? I ask this kind of as a joke but not really. How the heck can Google actually tell what kind of an experience a user is having regarding their searches and domains?

This is all about the Panda algo update and I get that but to some extent I just don't know how far this all goes. Is it about bad content, spammy content, or something else that will trigger a Panda penalty? Google has to have a lot of different ways that they monitor and calculate user experience, and I think it has a lot to do with what we are seeing with so many new posts about sites getting slammed after the Panda updates hit the waves.

Are we trying to push a big rock up a steep hill? How PBG Would Handle This Problem