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Panda Example Case #8

Ok, so please tell me, anyone, how can a website get penalized by Google for content that is 99% generated by members of our web discussion forum? There's no doubt that our site has been hit by the Panda update and it makes absolutely no sense, not to us anyway?

Our traffic has declined by 45% (many people, not forum members always check our content because the members are very qualified to comment on the topics being discussed). Do all of our forum members need to be Google authorities/authors or else we get penalized? And I thought I recently read where Google was backtracking a bit on Google authorship signals.

There is no spammy content on our site, in fact we also go to great lengths in-house to make sure that our members aren't posting nonsense so all I can conclude is that Google has decided that our forum members aren't experts, even though many others, many thousands, sure thought so based on our traffic´┐Ż..well, based on our traffic before Panda.

Am I looking at this correctly? How PBG Would Handle This Problem