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Manual Spam Action Example Case #2

Our website was penalized back in March by a manual spam action when we received a message in our Webmaster account. Fortunately, the penalty did not de-index the site. Instead, it seemed to limit our impressions which resulted in limited traffic from Google. We were not aware of the penalty until July and we then reviewed all of our website content and attempted to clean up everything that could possibly be problematic. We were able to get the penalty revoked after submitting a second reconsideration approximately ten weeks ago.

Ten weeks have passed since the penalty was revoked. The website is a very high quality blog with a great deal of relevant content. Many writers linked their Google+ profiles to our website. We don't think it's spammy. The problem is that our organic Google traffic continues to be very low and it is not improving despite the fact that we are adding new articles each day. We've noticed that the traffic now is the same as it was before the penalty hit. Is there some explanation for this?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. How PBG Would Handle This Problem