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Manual Spam Action Example Case #7

I've always been careful about the quality of the content on my site and will delete anything that could possibly be considered spam. Needless to say I was shocked to see a message in my Google Webmaster Tools account that Google detected spam on my site.

Recently I added a Q & A section to my website. This required that I turn on Wordpress registrations. After I did that, I discovered more than 600 subscribers within a few months, and assuming that a large number of these subscribers had spam URL's, I deleted all 600 subscribers. I then submitted a reconsideration request to Google. I also deleted members from my XenUtils sitemap submission and added an XF plugin in order to permit links after a set number of posts.

I'm thinking that if this can happen to a site because of WordPress profiles, that it can also happen to forums. Although I cannot be totally sure this was the case of the warning, I would bet it is the problem. This is something forum admins should take notice of. It's important to be vigilant against spam to avoid getting hit with a similar penalty from Google. Having a Google webmaster account is of the upmost importance for any website owner, but it's even more important if you own a forum.

My site is still indexed and I'm hoping for a quick resolution.

Please, any suggestions you have on what I should do are greatly appreciated? How PBG Would Handle This Problem