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Manual Spam Action Example Case #5

After Panda hit last February, my two sites were negatively impacted by the algorithm update. I then submitted reconsideration requests for both sites to Google via my Webmaster tools account. Approximately a month and a half after that I received the following response from Google:

"We've processed your reconsideration request" and there were no more details. I submitted again about a week ago. For one of the sites I received the same response as before. For the other site, Google responded with, "No manual spam actions found."

Can anyone tell me if the "No manual spam actions found" is a new response option? And does the confirmation that Google processed the reconsideration request with no additional details mean that there still is a manual spam action pending? I'm wondering if the only difference between the two is the level of apathy between the reviewers. Any thoughts? How PBG Would Handle This Problem