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Google Algorithm Penalties:
Keyword Stuffing

This Google penalty is exactly what it says it is; a penalty due to stuffing keywords or keyword phrases on a page solely for the purpose of manipulating a domain's rankings in Google search results. One obvious sign of keyword stuffing is a webpage that contains keywords or phrases that are completely out of context; keywords layered in and around gibberish or completely unrelated content. Once again, Google feels that keyword stuffing on a webpage detracts from the user's experience, which they feel is a valid reason to penalize a domain.

Some examples of Keyword Stuffing:
  • Random lists of addresses, phone numbers, zip codes with no other substantive content added on the page
  • Blocks of text intended solely to achieve higher ranking for the keywords within that text (e.g. cities, states, regions)
  • Repetitive text especially using keywords and keyword phrases
  • Here's and an example from a florist that might specialize in wedding arrangements - "Our wedding arrangements are made with top quality wedding arrangement flowers and our wedding bouquets are featured in all of the best wedding arrangement magazines."