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Hummingbird Example Case #2

Ok, so Hummingbird is flying through the Google search engine and the first thing I notice is that our site is bouncing all over the place´┐Ż.same with our competitors. Some of them have moved up, a lot!!! We have a lot of very good, high quality links and so far have never been flagged by the Google police. But now I'm wondering if our SEO is too keyword specific and with Hummingbird we are being hurt by that.

Could be an issue for us about not having better diversity in our links, but a lot of them are added by other people, not us! In fact, our backlinks are exactly the kind of links that Google says you should have´┐Żnatural organic links because of our content. Can we help it if the people linking to us don't worry about making the anchor text they use diverse enough for the Hummingbird?

None of this makes any sense and I can't believe that our next step should be to reach out to the domain owners with links to our site and ask them to change the text in the links. I know how I would react if I got a request like that. We're just happy to have the links in the first place.

I don't want to get involved in paying for links just to diversify the anchor text, if that's even the problem, because that can cause even more problems. Hoping that our rankings return soon but I'm not hopeful.

Any Hummingbird advice for a very frustrated, google-friendly domain owner please? How PBG Would Handle This Problem