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Hummingbird Example Case #6

Unless I'm mistaken, Hummingbird has been on its way for quite some time now so no one should be surprised about it. From what I read it is going to have a dramatic impact on the search engine, but not right away´┐Ż.over the course of time, mostly because people search using long search terms, not just keywords, so maybe the Google algorithm will need time to learn as it goes? I really can't get my brain around it.

I can see a this leading to yet another problem, or unintended consequence for Google to deal with, and that is people changing a lot of their content and filling it with jargon and/or trying to fill content with search sentences instead of just a few keywords here and there. It will be just as easy to spam terms and keyword sentences as it is to spam keyword, maybe easier because at least the sentences will look legit, hopefully will look legit to the Google search engine.

We'll keep a sharp eye on our traffic to see what happens, but with the way these algorithms work, there's really no way to tell which algorithm is the potential problem anyway right. My guess is that many domain owners are gonna have to rewrite their entire site if they want to move higher and feed the Hummingbird what it is looking for otherwise their domains will keep slipping to the back of the pack. The impact might be worse for some ecommerce sites than the bloggers or pure content sites. We'll see. How PBG Would Handle This Problem