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Hummingbird Example Case #7

My domain has had very consistent traffic since it was launched 2 years ago. We have 20k unique visitors per month now, up from 5-7k when we first launched. But, this past September I noticed a huge dip in traffic, to less than 10k per month and nothing changed on our website to cause this drop. I can't figure that the problem is this Hummingbird thing because I don't see what the change in how the search engine looks at long search terms has to do with our rankings. People tell me that they haven't noticed any real change in their traffic or serp's since Hummingbird hit but we sure did.

Our site has very good content and I really have no reason to believe that any of our traffic before Hummingbird was suspect so there is no reason why it should've dropped off so much. Does anyone else have the same problem with a drop in traffic at the same time Hummingbird was launched? How PBG Would Handle This Problem