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Hummingbird Example Case #1

Our website has been live for about five years and to this point we haven't had any problems with any of the Google algo's. We are a small ecommerce site and traffic will vary a little during the year; spiking during the peak season for our products and then dropping off a bit. No SEO other than on-page and some links from related businesses that supply or use our stuff.

We noticed a sharp decline in traffic late August and a friend mentioned this Hummingbird algo that Google launched just about this time. Can't figure why this would've had any impact whatsoever on our site? Is it possible that our on-page stuff isn't properly optimized for the long-tailed searches that Google is emphasizing? Doesn't make much sense to me because people searching for our products have to mention some of the keywords we used in our on-page seo?

Is this Humminbird a penalty? Should we re-do our on-page stuff to include more semantic search terms? Any help would be most appreciated. Learn how PBG would resolve this problem.