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Hummingbird Example Case #4

Traffic on our site is way way down since September and I'm convinced that its all about this Hummingbird update. We sell specialty cosmetics and have many pages of products. An SEO company helped us get some very good rankings a while back and as far as I can tell all the links in our webmaster look pretty good - industry related, press releases, and some from retail stores that carry our products. The one thing I notice is that the keywords in a lot of these links are the same, which makes some sense because they are related to the stuff we sell.

I never thought about how people would search for our products, other than the exact name, not how its used or what it may be used for and now I think this is a problem. What exactly does Google want us to do about getting into the heads of people searching for eye makeup etc. Our products have particular uses so I wonder if we need to change some of our content or tags and make them more "semantic friendly."

And if we go through all this trouble - there are a lot of pages on our domain - is it going to make any real difference anyway. Right now we are considering an entirely new website because if our problem isn't related to Hummingbird then it will be a big waste of time and money.

It would be nice if Google was a little more upfront about who is and who isn't being penalized by their algorithms. How PBG Would Handle This Problem