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Hummingbird Example Case #5

What exactly does Hummingbird mean anyway? Is it a penalty because it sure doesn't sound like a penalty to me? If it is just an update to the algo to make the search engine better at making sense out of sense-less search terms so what? I can understand what and why Penguin and Panda do but this one´┐Ż..not sure what to make of it.

No real change so far on my website rankings and frankly I'm not sure why there would be any anyway? I have pretty good backlinks and all content is good to very good so anyone searching for us would find us with our without using full sentences to find us. I hope I don't find out the hard way what exactly a Hummingbird has to do with SERP's

Can anyone explain if or why I should be concerned about the Hummingbird? How PBG Would Handle This Problem