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Google Penalties:
Doorway Pages

Google takes exception to web pages that were created for the sole purpose of channeling users to another location/website. These pages are called "Doorway Pages," because like the name implies, they are simply entranceways leading to another website. Doorway pages generally have poor content, are over-optimized for specific keywords or keyword phrases and are designed to manipulate the Google search engine by routing users to websites that were not the one they were searching for or selected in the search results. The content on a doorway page is almost always in violation of Google's quality guidelines because it is made for search engines, not for the benefit of the user.

If your domain is found to have doorway pages directing users to a specific location on your website, Google will penalize your domain and remove it from the Google index.

Examples of Doorway Pages:
  • Using multiple URL's aimed at different areas of the country, cities or states that serve no other purpose other than to route the user to one specific website. Remember the old expression, "All roads lead to Rome," well in the case of doorway pages, those roads will get your website penalized by Google.
  • Website pages that are little more than templates filled with content that was acquired as part of an affiliate marketing or linking campaign. If the content on your website is the same as that of many other websites that are involved in the same business, you run the risk of being penalized by Google.
  • Many inner pages on one website that have the same or similar content, the purpose of which is to achieve high rankings for specific keywords, keyword phrases or locations.