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Backlink Monitoring Services

Why Do You Need PBG to Monitor Your Backlinks?

  • Because your domain can still be inundated with poor quality inbound links even after a successful link audit and removal process has been conducted.
  • Because poor quality links are much easier to identify and deal with after a PBG link audit/removal.
  • Because knowing about poor quality links allows you to take quick and decisive action before Google does.
  • Because Google is constantly filtering out domains with poor quality links. If you aren't vigilant about maintaining a high quality backlink profile your website is at risk of getting another penalty from a Google's algorithm or a manual action from someone in their search team
  • Because the money lost and stress caused your last Google penalty are more than reason enough to keep your website a safe distance from the Google search team.
  • Because unless you monitor your backlinks, you can lose valuable, high quality links and never know it.

What PBG Does To Help You Maintain An A+ Google Compliant Backlink Profile

  • We use a variety of watchdog monitoring tools to keep track and log any changes in backlinks to your domain.
  • We isolate any poor quality links as they pop up and then initiate a vigorous campaign to have those links removed.
  • If we are unable to have the links removed, we will update your Google disavow doc with these links and resubmit it to Google BEFORE these links cause any damage.
  • We log and rate all of your high quality links based on a variety of factors specific to your domain, creating an invaluable tool for analyzing one of the key factors in your website's search rankings - high quality backlinks.
  • PBG updates and expert analysis of your backlink profile.

PBG Backlink Monitoring Value-Added Service

Not only does the PBG link monitoring service keep your website 5 steps ahead of the Google search team, it is also a value-added tool to help you to make smarter, more cost effective decisions about digital marketing campaign. Our backlink reports and analysis are the tools you need to assess the value of your backlinks and more importantly, where to focus your marketing dollars going forward.