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Backlink Audit and Link Removal

If your website has been penalized by Google there's a good chance that the penalty is due to poor quality inbound links pointing to your domain. More websites are penalized by Google because of poor quality links than any other violation of Google's quality guidelines. Your website may have been penalized for poor quality or unnatural links after a manual audit by the Google search team, in which case you will see a notice of the manual action in your webmaster tools, or as a result of the Google Penguin algorithm, in which case you will get no such notice from Google but will see a significant drop in your search rankings.

Manual action or the dreaded Penguin, in either case the first step in getting your penalty removed is to get a comprehensive link audit done on your entire backlink profile by a trained penalty removal specialist....Quickly!

PenaltyBeGone Backlink Audit and Analysis

PenaltyBeGone Backlink Audit and Analysis - our comprehensive audit and analysis on your backlinks is the first step on the road to getting your penalty removed and your search results rankings restored. Our backlink audit checklist ensures that the 4 steps necessary to restore the health of your backlink profile are precisely followed, carefully monitored and then professionally reported to Google.

Identify Poor Quality Links
  • PBG will create a backlink action worksheet to be used for logging all backlinks and domains with links to your domain, to record all actions taken, to record and monitor the timeline of actions taken, to centralize contact information of domain owners /webmasters, and to serve as a template for all documents submitted to Google.
  • PBG will then conduct a comprehensive review of each link to your domain with accompanying notes in action worksheet regarding source, value and course of action to take with each linking domain.

Isolate Poor Quality Links
  • Note and separate poor quality links from healthy links in action worksheet.
  • Research and log contact information for owners/webmasters of domains containing poor quality links to your domain.

Remove Poor Quality Links
  • Begin exninesive outreach campaign targeting owners/webmasters of domains with poor quality links requesting that they remove these links.
  • Update action worksheet noting timeline for all efforts made to have poor quality links removed.
  • Monitor and log replies from webmasters/domain owners to our outreach campaign and note all instances of links being removed.

Report Using Google Disavow Tool
  • Create an accurately and properly formatted Disavow document to be submitted to Google for using the information compiled the action worksheet.

Once we have completed the PBC backlink audit process your website's backlink profile should be back in the good graces of the Google search team, which is exactly where it needs to be in order to achieve the main goal - Recover Your Lost Rankings.