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We hope that the information on the PBG penalty removal and search engine ranking recovery process has been informative, beneficial and yes, reassuring.

There is strength in knowledge......This axiom certainly applies to knowing how and why Google penalized your website in the first place as well as the knowledge, and our assurance, that PBG will work with you every step of the way to get your penalty removed and your rankings restored. Which leads us to the last, critical step in the process:

Proactive, Google-Compliant Search Engine Optimization

The key to restoring your website's rankings once your penalty has been removed and getting you back on top of the competition is an extensive digital marketing campaign led by an experienced, award winning SEO company.
PBG penalty removal gets your website on the right path......
SEO gets you to your destination....
The highest rankings possible on all of the major search engines.
In spite of the fact that the SEO industry has gone through many drastic changes recently, the one thing that hasn't changed is that SEO is an essential and extremely effective component of any campaign aimed at restoring your rankings after you've been penalized by Google. The critical thing to take from the sea change in SEO is that you should only trust the search engine optimization of your domain to a top-tier, award-winning SEO company.

Restore Your Rankings - Proven Google-Compliant SEO

On-Page SEO: A thorough process aimed at making the layout, content and structure of your website user-friendly and compliant with all search engine guidelines.

  • Website review and analysis - a comprehensive check-up to identify key areas of your website that may require optimization of your content and layout.
  • Keyword Research - aimed at pinpointing the search terms and keywords that your target audience uses most often when searching for your product or services.
  • Competitor Analysis - in-depth review of your competition's website layout, keywords, meta tags and all of their on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Optimized/ Keyword Rich Meta Tags - optimized metadata for your website using the most efficient descriptions, format, keyword phrases and tags.
  • Content Review - our expert analysis with specific recommendations for editing any content that may be non-compliant with Google quality guidelines, e.g. - spammy content, keyword stuffing, content written for search engines not visitors to your website
  • H1 & H2 Tags - properly formatted, phrased and optimized headings on every page of your website based on our review and analysis of your product, services and target audience.
Off-Page SEO: Refers to the tools and techniques used to improve the search results for your domain beyond the structure and content of your website. These techniques include organic link building with natural partners, monitoring and ongoing reviews of a back link profile.
Building Links: The use of natural, organic links will help your website achieve the best search engine page results (SERP) possible and is an essential part of any SEO campaign.

  • Anchor Text Diversity - ensuring that the text used in your links is not repetitive and uses natural, relevant variations on the search terms used by your target audience.
  • Branded Keywords - making optimum use of your brand when constructing variations on keywords and long-tailed keyword search terms in anchor text.
  • Achieving Ideal Anchor Text Balance - is the proper mix of anchor text when building links making best possible use of your domain name, brand, keywords and long-tailed search phrases.
  • Internal Linking - links to your internal pages, not just your homepage are very valuable in maintaining a high quality, balanced link profile.
  • Press Releases - a press release constructed and written by an expert will be picked- up by many media outlets and will thereby create a number of high-quality organic links for your domain.
Tracking and Statistics: On-going monitoring of statistical indicators that track and diagnose all of the essential elements related to visitor traffic and SERP data for your website.

  • Keyword Reports - monthly reports showing your website's ranking and trends in all of the major search engines for your keywords.
  • Organic Traffic Reports from Google Analytics - shows the breakdown of organic traffic coming to your website on the major search engines.
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Statistics - detailed reports based on traffic, back link profile, internal links and search inquiries to your website.
Social Media: No digital marketing or SEO plan would be complete without a vigorous social media campaign. When you actively build your social media presence you become more engaged and interactive with your target audience, which in turn will help to boost your website's search results.

  • Facebook Marketing - integrating FB into your sales cycle is a key to success in using this social media mega-giant. FB is the ultimate tool to use to engage your present clients and customers and to attract and keep new ones.
  • Google + and Google +1 - is one of the most effective SEO tools your clients can use to acknowledge that they like your website (when they click the +1 widget we'll help you add), while also sending a positive message about you to all of the contacts in their Google address book. Your website's popularity and placement in the search engines can expand exponentially with the use of Google +1.
  • YouTube Video Media Optimization - Video marketing is one of the most effective tools at your disposal to communicate a message to your target audience about your product or service. Google will index and display your video in the natural keyword search area, a vital aspect of YouTube and other forms of video marketing to be used to your advantage.
  • Twitter - is one of the most popular means of communicating and micro-blogging. By establishing yourself as a reliable source of information on a particular business or area of expertise, you will gain thousands of followers on Twitter, which will help to establish your online credibility, boost your reputation and that of your brand.
  • Pinterest - when used in conjunction with the "Pinner's" profile, Pinterest can be an effective way to assist in your search reputation management, to earn links (non- follow) , and to have your brand move up within Pinterest, which at the end of the day is also essentially a search engine.
PageRank: PageRank a whole number between 0 and 10 that is calculated by Google using a complicated algorithm derived in large part from the number of high quality links pointing to your website from other credible websites. It is a vote of confidence so the goal is for your website to have the highest Google PageRank (PR) possible. PR also adds authority to your website, which is one of the more important factors in attracting advertisers as well as customers.
Link Baiting: This is a term that refers to the simple concept of making sure that your content is so relevant and compelling that others will want to link to it. The concept may seem simple but there is nothing simple about acquiring these "organic links." In order to build an organic back link profile link baiting techniques can be an effective tool in creating high quality content that will attract web-wide attention.
Examples of Link Baiting:

  • Breaking news about your business or someone in your business or field of interest
  • Lists
  • Infographics
  • Useful tools and tips
  • Launch a contest or promotion
  • Release a study or analysis of your industry or field of interest
  • Well written, compelling headlines
Proven Organic SEO = Superior Sustainable Search Engine Placement
Superior Sustainable Search Engine Placement = More Sustainable Traffic
More Sustainable Traffic = More Customers /More Leads / $ $ $!
Our proven, tested formulas for restoring your website's rankings will put your domain back on top before you can say Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Be Gone!