Example Success Stories

Manual Action/Unnatural Links

This client's website was spammed by multiple SEOs with low quality unnatural links resulting in a Manual Webspam Action. After several reconsideration request attempts on their own, they decided to engage our firm. We identified the problematic links and executed our proprietary penalty removal process resulting in the successful removal of the penalty.

Penguin/Unnatural Links

PenaltyBeGone successfully recovered 80% of this client's traffic after a manual action and the Google Penguin 2.0 nearly destroyed them. Despite having over 2500 suspicious links, our client's rankings showed dramatic improvement after the PenaltyBeGone penalty removal process had been completed.

Doorway Page Recovery

The PBG penalty removal team successfully recovered this client from a serious penalty. Using our proprietary search engine ranking recovery plan we analyzed the website and diagnosed the problem: dozens of keyword spam doorway pages. We consolidated the content and layout of the site. Several months later - they experienced a full recovery!

Yes! We CAN Remove your Google Penalty!

"Yes," is our answer to the agonizing question that has been stressing you out since your website got slammed by Google. When the PBG team is on the job, penalty removal and recovery isn't just possible, it's probable. Our time-tested process gets search engine penalties removed. Our track record of success proves it. Your website is too valuable to let unqualified hacks waste your time and money. If you want to get rid of Google Penguins, Pandas and Hummingbirds put the PBG team on the job and march the Google pests back into their cages.

100% of Penalties Successfully Removed

Our success rate is 100% in removing manual spam action penalties. We succeed because we give our experienced staff the best tool for the job - the PBG proprietary penalty removal process. No one can guarantee they'll remove every penalty, especially with Google constantly moving the goal posts. What PBG does guarantee is that our experience, our proprietary process and our record of success is the best formula available anywhere for getting Google penalties revoked and recovering website ranking. Ours is a cost-effective penalty removal solution and a critical first step in restoring your website rankings.

How Long will it take?

The precise course of action we take to successfully remove Google penalty depends on the cause and scope of the penalty. Some are revoked relatively quickly while others require more time and extensive efforts. When you use our Free Penalty Analysis we'll review the circumstances surrounding your penalty and then provide you with a customized action plan, a detailed timeline and the exact cost for removing your penalty. From penalty removal to restoring your rankings, we'll see to it that your website makes a full recovery with a marketing plan designed specifically for you.

Life After The Penalty

When you choose PenaltyBeGone your domain is in the hands of a company that is imminently qualified and experienced in remediating every Google SEO related penalty, manual action, algorithm update or technical issue responsible for your penalty including unnatural link actions, domain hijacking, pure spam, or filter updates such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. You are also choosing a company that understands the importance of "life after a penalty;" a transparent, white-hat SEO plan. Google won't forget that you were penalized simply because the penalty is removed so best not to cross them again. We will get your penalty removed. After that it's your responsibility to work with a reputable, professional SEO company that won't get you penalized again.


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